About us

Behineh Kala Gostar Company is an engineering, marketing, and trading company that was established in 2001 and has the experience  of more than 20 years in consulting , supply of materials, providing equipment, services,devices maintenance, and training for a wide range of research, academic and industrial centers in the country.

The company with the collaboration of expert staff and the assistance of professors from several reliable domestic and intrernational universities, and many professionals from various industries has always tried to provide the recent knowledge and cutting-edge technologies for the country.

This company is remarkably successful in management, executive activities, sales, and after-sales services. Furthermore, it has gotten customer satisfaction according to international standards. These standards are ISO9001-2008 standard certification and updating it to ISO9001-2015 as well as ISO10004-2012 gained from reputable European companies.

Conveying knowledge and experiences to other experts in this field in order to improve the scientific atmosphere of the country has been a valuable goal of this company over these years. Therefore, several educational classes, seminars and training courses have been held across country.

This company has cooperated with a lot of private and governmental organizations, especially with Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council and Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran to prepare and compile the National Standard ISO15901-2, ISO15901-3, ASTM B922: 2017 and ASTM D3663922: 2017 in the country.




Becoming the most reputable provider of laboratory, research and industrial equipment in the country.



Behineh Kala Gostar Company has supplied well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art devices all over the country. Moreover, it has conveyed modern knowledge to universities, industrial companies in order to be able to compete with advanced research centers in technologically developed countries.